Tuesday, September  12, 2017- Southside Town Hall
7:00 p.m.

Call to order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Minutes:  Review and approval of the minutes of the August 1, 2017 regular board meeting.

Public forum:

Ongoing business:
1. Greg Gerulis - 14860 62nd ST NW - requests a variance to allow expansion of upper-level deck
4.5' to match the lower level deck and fill in a 10.5'x33' space between the two decks with a screen
portch, 14.5' from the OHW. Replace a deck with a 7.1' x 27.5' living space over existing
basement  that is located roadside of dwelling. Also pro
posed is a 780 sq ft detached garage that is
in the bluff.  Entire project is within the bluff; existing and proposed construction exceed impervious

New Business:
1. Tim Harris, - 16704 62nd St S, South Haven - request for vacation of easement that ends on the
property - presentation of petition and request for a public hearing

2. Peter  Holmberg -   7809 Pleason Avenue NW –Requests a variance to construct a 792 sq. ft.
one-level addition over a 770 sq. ft. walkout basement to an existing 972 sq. ft. one-level-walkout
dwelling.  Existing structure and proposed addition are within the bluff, with the existing dwelling at
60.3 ft. and addition 60.9 ft. from the Ordinary High-water mark of lake.  Also proposed is a new
28’ x 36’ detached garage 3 ft. from the bluff.
REASON A VARIANCE IS NEEDED: Expansion of non-conforming structure requires a
variance.  Minimum setbacks are 30’ from bluff and 75’ from the ordinary high-water mark of lake.
.  Approval of bills:


Next meeting  Tuesday  October 3rd, 2017