Tuesday, October 2, 2018- SOUTHSIDE Town Hall
7:00 p.m.

Call to order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Minutes:  Review and approval of the minutes of the September 11th board meeting.

Public forum:

Ongoing business:
1. 100th St NW/Norton Ave NW - drainage and water issues - Wright Soil & Water Conservation
District Plan

2.  68th St NW - culvert level - Phase 1: Desktop H&H Model with City/County Data ($3,000)
Assuming we can get culvert/crossing data for County Highway 3 and 68th Street, we would use
LiDAR and aerial images to model the outlet from Lake John to Lake Sylvia.  With this Desktop
model, we’ll be able to determine if the culvert underneath 68th St. NW is adequately sized.  Phase
1 consists of the following subtasks:
Review City/County Data (if this data is not available, maybe the County or City could survey the
culvert inverts and take pictures of the crossings to reduce costs)
Create desktop H&H Model
Compile summary memo with Figures (2) for review.

New Business:
1.David Lowe - 7836 Norris Ave NW- trenching under Norris Ave NW - for electrical for garage

2. Stephen Grundy - Review of paint ball playing fields conditional use permit

3. Darren Droegemueller - 13179 80th St NW - lot line adjustment for the purchase of a out lot for
septic/drain field upgrade - lot is across the road from their Lake John home

4. Jay Nemitz - 6225 Pilger Ave NW - new request includes #217-000-334100- lot line adjustment
between two lots owned by Schwebel - This will allow the construction of a 9'x10' deck with a 4.5ft
walkway and not require a variance from a side yard setback.

5. November meeting date - General Election is on first Tuesday, November 6th

6. Wright County Association of Township quarterly meeting - October 4 - 7:30 p.m. -  Stockholm
Township Hall

7.  January meeting date - January 1st - Holiday

8.Approval of bills


Next meeting:  November ?, 2018