Tuesday, May 1, 2018- Southside Town Hall
7:00 p.m.

Call to order:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Minutes:  Review and approval of the minutes of the April 10, 2018 regular board meeting.

Opening of 2018 Dust Control Bids

Public forum:

Ongoing business:
1. Mid Continent Easement Agreement - signed agreement received from Mid Continent
2. Duininck Bros Inc - review of CUP - the pit has not been opened yet and is still agricultural fields

New Business:

1.  Adam Kaping:  7584 Pilger Avenue NW  -Petitions for a Conditional Use Permit to allow a land
alteration in excess of 500 yards to create a walkout building pad for a house by removing a hill and
fill in a low area.  Also includes re-sloping the shore impact zone and removing and replanting trees.
Land alteration in excess of 50 cu yds in a shoreland area requires a conditional use permit.

2. Jefferson Bishop 6641 County Road 3 - Requests a variance to allow a replacement of the
existing 1040 sq. ft. one and three-quarter story dwelling that is 54' from the ordinary high-water
mark with a new 2,538 sq. ft. two-story dwelling with a 997 sq. ft. attached garage, 452 sq. ft.
covered porch, and 126 sq. ft., a second story balcony (Total footprint of 4,114 sq. ft.  with 4,598
sq. ft. of livable space) 50' from the ordinary high-water mark.

REASON A VARIANCE IS NEEDED:   Minimum setback is 75’ from the ordinary high-water
mark of lake

3. L B Guthrie - 6527 O’Ryan Ave., Annandale (East Lake Sylvia) - variance request for
187 sq. ft.
to existing cabin - a portion  of the addition will encroach upon the 75' lake set back -
impervious surface coverage will be reduced by 365' to meet the requirement

4.  Bruce Nystrom - 79th ST NW (Section 26)

5.  Approval of bills


Next meeting: Tuesday, June 5, 2018